Friday, February 25, 2011

My First Real Post, a Few Months Late!

Well, I've babbled on and on about "Mini Me's" super Xmas gift, and I wanted to show it off, but of course, I can never break away long enough, so, (finally) here it is...the Great Faux American Girl Xmas Gift:
Yup, you guessed it! I made all of those cutie pie outfits with my 2 little hands! Nap time and bed time are the BOMB!
We have pants made out of infant pants, scarf and hat from adult hat, socks from Mini Me's old socks (Thank You, Obsessively Stitching!), purses (one that matches mini me), dresses, robe/coat, skirts and pillowcase dresses!
Oh, and I can't forget the matching tutu, leggins, undies, and halter top (Thank You Old Days - Old Ways!) Funny, I still don't have one pic with the little dolly in any of her outfits! UGH! Only of the nightgown we bought and paid for at a real department store.

So, you ask, "Why would I spend my entire xmas season sewing?" Well, Mini Me wanted an American Girl, and I wasn't about to spend a million dollars on one for a 4 year old. The clothes were SUPER pricey, more than I am willing to pay for my own outfits! So, I figured, I can find just about anything on the internet, what about tutorials (tutorials by the way....I LOVE YOU and the peeps that have the patience and time to hook a sista up!) Well, I found a faux dolly at Kmart, and a good supply of FREE of tutorials with a full wardrobe for the dolly! Holla! So, 2 months later...xmas bliss!

I attempted to make a pair of boots, but they didn't turn out so well, look more like slippers, so that's what they are! The coat made from a robe pattern found at the local Ben Franklin, really looks like a robe, so, robe it is!

Mini Me couldn't be happier! Infact, she made me purchase some additional infant pants and a little halter top from Goodwill, that I turned into more pants and a cutie pie dress for her dolly! (pics later). -JoJo out!

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