Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Me's Room

I finally decided the first room to tackle in my paint makeover project would be Mini Me's. Since it's a kid room, if I screw it worries...she will still love it, and gives me good practice for the "adult" rooms of the house! I wanted to use the same colors from her baby room in our first home, "mint green" and pink. We had the green on the walls and accents of the green, pink and white throughout. A little on the shabby side.

So, I discuss these ideas with Mini Me, and she said, "I want my favorite colors, Pink and Purple." Obviously, this was a challenge.  So, I decided to compromise.  Here is a before picture:

Before (this was the only one I had!)
And our compromise after:
Used the green behind her bed, and the purple on the wall next to it, and the pink on the opposite wall, and a suprise to pull it all together! (Also this super cute Vinyl wall decor from Leen...I love it!)

Holy stripey wall!!  Was I crazy? DUH! I knew it would be a challenge, but I wanted something fun.  It's a girls room after all, and your only 4 once!  This is totally a room I would have fell in love with as a little one!  The stripes took a lot of planning, and thanks to my detail/anal husband, we got it right!  Laser light level, kinda worked, along with using your instincts!  I got the best painter's tape out there, and guess what, the paint still seeped under in places, bummer, but after the job was done, I went back and touched up with an artist brush.  Its not the best job (no close ups) in the universe...but...we are ALL loving the look!
Yes, I realize its a new makeover, and the room is still a disaster, but we only have cleanliness for like one day, then I go to work, come home, and playtime happens! So, deal with it! These are also taken before I put up framed art on the wall.
When I asked Mini Me if she liked her room, she said, "Mommy, I don't like my room, I LOVE my room!!."  Yeah, that rocks!
As you can see the bedspread changed too.  Not my intention, we still have the cutie pie shabby one, but my mother found my old "Hollie Hobby" bedspread and sheets, and Mini Me HAD to have its on the bed, whatcha gonna do?!

Extreme closeup of the wall graphics.  They totally brought the room together!  Along with the fun stripey wall!-JoJo Out!

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